The importance of land ethic has become an obsession for Brian Kelley, creating space between his commercial work and passion projects.  Here- we follow Brian to Vancouver Island to explore, capture and learn whats happening to it's beautiful old growth forests. 

Director: Jeremy Cohan

Supervising Producer: Neha Sharma

Producers: Travis Richel, Jeremy Cohan, Ariella Naymark

Cinematographer: Brandon Kuzma

Editors: Brandon Kuzma & Jeremy Cohan

Production Co: Number Six Pictures Sound

Design: SNDWRX, Didier Tovel & J Peter Durniak

Color: Brandon Kuzma

Music by Kevin P. Keenan - "BK" Walrus Ghost & Billy McFeely - "Maybe Five" Walrus Ghost - "Open Arms" Walrus Ghost - "Around"