Adiós is an annual artist residency, gallery exhibition and printed publication experience. Created with the intent of keeping creativity flowing, exploring new ideas, and being inspired by new surroundings. 


art·ist res·i·den·cy sab·bat·i·cal
/ˈärdəst/ /ˈrez(ə)dənsē/ /səˈbadək(ə)l/

Music by :
Spooky Black - "DJ Khaled is my father"


For the group show, I wanted to make a non-obtrusive 'secret' that would make the viewer really have to separate themselves from the current environment and be memorized by something.  

I decided to gut an old tv and scrape out all the inners till I could fit a tank of water inside. I added a compressor for bubbles and fish tank jems for some reflection. The video played on repeat, with headphones accessible through the volume knob. This was all displayed on my great grandmothers stool from Cosco in the 1940's.